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ICTRD is a member-based, autonomous centre of excellence created purposely to add immeasurable value to tax research and development in Nigeria and internationally

ICTRD is a member-based organization and we rely on the support of our members to promote our objectives. We have professionals, institutions, and members of the society who are interested in promoting tax development. Promoters of tax development are those interested in research work and also those who want to partner with the government or ICTRD to improve the society or who may want to do this on their own through ICTRD. Such examples are improving health care services, education services, environment, care for the needy and elderly, intellectual pursuit, and any intervention that can assist the government or communities.

Types of Membership


Members are qualified professionals in any social sciences disciplines who have carried out research work, or are interested in developing research skills and pursuing research work.


Governments, Corporate Organizations, Business Association and NGOs who are interested in the development of the tax system through research and public awareness programs, and who require the services of ICTRD or collaboration with ICTRD for mutual benefits.


Individuals and organizations that are interested in tax development for a better society, community development and constitution affairs.

Membership Benefits

ICTRD members will derive the following benefits among others:

Access to latest research and development in the field.

Professional members shall use the titles Research Fellow and Research Associate of the Centre.

Opportunities to discuss constitutional issues as it affect governments and societies in public forum.


Opportunities for Affiliate members to have ICTRD develop their tax departments, tax research units, and obtain advisory services on tax policies, tax laws and tax administration at discounted fees